Volunteers help bring Lifest to life

Lifest Set Up

OSHKOSH - The event billed as Wisconsin's largest Christian music festival begins in a couple of days in Oshkosh.

On Thursday evening about 17,000 people are expected to pack the Sunnyview Expo Center for Lifest.

But Tuesday, organizers and volunteers were busy getting ready.

"We still have tents to put up, our stages, we have chairs to put up, tables, and our downtown area still needs to be put up," explained event coordinator Bree Schneider.

There have already been some challenges, namely rain showers.

"We're doing out best to get everything done in time. The rain kind of put a damper on our schedule a little bit, but we're doing the best we can," Schneider told FOX 11.

Tthe weather has caused a few issues out at Lifest, for example, organizers did have to reassign some campsites because of wet grounds.

But hundreds of volunteers help to make everything run smoothly, despite the bumps.

"Lifest would be nothing without volunteers. We come out, some of us come out here for seven days, some of us come out here for two days, but it takes all of us, it takes the village to make the village," explained volunteer Mike Hare.

"They are really hard workers, they put in lots and lots of hours," added Schneider.

For the last 15 years, Hare has been a part of a volunteer group known fondly as the "Green Team."

"We build fences, we build stages, we tear down stages, we haul wood chips, we pretty much take care of the grounds," Hare told us.

He said the work they put in is worth it.

"I like hanging out with the guys. I've got a great bunch of guys that are a fabulous team. We're helping a great cause," said Hare.

Music is scheduled to start at one Thursday afternoon. The festival runs through Sunday.