Man runs from scene after slamming truck into Green Bay house

Man runs from scene after slamming truck into Green Bay house

GREEN BAY - Some scary moments for a Green Bay couple when a man slammed his truck into their house overnight.

Police say a 41-year-old Green Bay man is a person of interest in the case. But he has not been arrested.

The crash happened at 2790 Sherry Ln. on the city's east side around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday.

"It's just unreal," said Kay Lardinois.

There's a chunk of Lardinois' house in her backyard, personal belongings are strewn everywhere.

"He drove through at an angle right this way," said Lardinois gesturing alongside the house. "So he took out everything in his path."

It was a loud noise late Wednesday night that startled Lardinois and her boyfriend out of bed.

"We woke up to what we thought was thunder and maybe a TV falling off the wall," Lardinois explained.

But when they checked things out, it was much more serious.

"I just looked at the house and thought oh my gosh someone actually went through the house!" said Lardinois.

A Chevy pickup was stuck in her lawn. The driver inside.

Lardinois says the man behind the wheel was revving his engine, trying to back out.

Deep tire grooves are still visible in the backyard where the truck came to a stop after smashing through a portion of the house.

Lardinois says she called 911. Just a couple minutes passed, and the man jumped out of the truck and ran.

"We were just shocked, and I wish I would have thought about things, and just maybe nailed him and stopped him in his tracks," Lardinois said.

Green Bay police say Lardinois did the right thing.

"We never want to see any community members put themselves in harm's way. The best course of action is to call 911 immediately," said Lt. Kevin Warych.

Lardinois is thankful no one was hurt, but believes it was simply a matter of timing.

"If the grandkids were playing in that area they would have been wiped out. They're little. I don't understand what people think!" said Lardinois.

And while everyone is safe and the house can be fixed.

"The pictures, presents, that you can't replace," said Lardinois.

"You know, it's just," Lardinois said holding a broken plate from her daughter, "she had something special written on the back."

Lardinois says it's going to be tough to fall asleep now.

"He took my security away plain and simple. You think you're safe in your own house and I guess not," Lardinois said.

Investigators used a police dog to search the area for the man, but turned up nothing.

They say they do not know what led to the crash.

Lardinois estimates the damage at around $75,000.