Valders High School student sings graduation speech

Angela Brandl during her graduation at Valders High School. (Courtesy: Chris Fahley, Valders PEG TV)

VALDERS - Valders High School valedictorian Angela Brandl found a way to make her graduation speech memorable.

All it took was a cup, her hands, and her voice.

"My friends and I actually one day we sat down and tried to learn the 'Cup Song' and I was like 'This would be kind of a cool idea for my graduation piece,'" said Angela Brandl.

Brandl says she already mastered using a cup so she just needed new song lyrics.

"I came up with it on our ride back home from Madison visiting my sister," Brandl said.

You could say musical talent runs in Brandl's family.

Her mom is a music teacher at Valders and four years ago, standing on the same stage, Brandl's sister Corrine sang her graduation speech to a different tune.

"Mine was 'I've Been Everywhere Man' by Johnny Cash and I redid it using a string of all the things we did in high school," said Corrine Brandl.

Brandl says her sister's speech was also her inspiration.

"I'm like, I could possibly do something like it and so that's how I thought of it," Brandl said.

"The classmates started looking at each other not quite sure how to react but then they were all amazed and surprised," said Valders High School Principal Julie Laabs.

But Brandl's family members were her biggest fans.

"I was just very proud of her poise and grace just doing it," said Lisa Brandl, Angela's mom.

"It was really awesome," Corrine Brandl said.

Brandl says she doesn't have any plans to sing another graduation speech but there is one thing the 4.0 student hopes her former classmates remember.

"One of the lines that I felt meant the most to me was when I said I want to see them later in life," Brandl said. "I really hope that we stay a close class because we are small and I think we could stay close and I think that'd be really nice."