Trevon Massey sentenced for Preble fights

Trevon Massey sentenced for Preble fights

GREEN BAY - One of the teens involved in fights outside Green Bay's Preble High School was sentenced Friday to jail time.

Two students were injured in the February fights.

Trevon Massey, 17, reached a plea deal with prosecutors for his role in the fights. As part of the deal, he was found guilty of substantial battery.

A judge sentenced Massey to 90 days in jail and two years probation.

During the hearing, the judge said the fights were inexcusable.

“No one should have to, when they send their child out to school in the morning, receive a phone call from the hospital saying that my son is in the hospital or daughter because they have been substantial battered,” said Brown County Judge Timothy Hinkfuss.

Another teen, Davion Austin, has also been charged in the case. He will be in court next month.