Town of Menasha police warn of suspicious phone calls

File photo.

TOWN OF MENASHA - Police in the Fox Cities are warning people about a suspicious phone call.

A resident called Town of Menasha police Tuesday saying she received a voicemail from someone identifying themselves as an IRS agent. The message said there would be consequences if the call was not returned.

Police say the number is from the Tacoma, Washington area.

Police say an officer called the number and spoke with a person who identified himself as Officer Gabrielle Santos of the IRS.

"Be leery if you get any of these phone calls. Do not call that phone number back. There are local IRS offices here in Northeast Wisconsin and throughout the state. We would recommend people actually look up the telephone number in the book or online and call the IRS directly if they are concerned,” said Officer Jason Weber, Town of Menasha police.

Town of Menasha police say the IRS will typically send you a letter first if you owe money. They also say the IRS will not ask for money over the phone.