Three charged with making meth at Grand Chute hotel

From left to right: Jason Koski, James Parchem, and Karisa Doe (Outagamie Co. Jail)

APPLETON - A tense moment in court, as three suspects made their first appearances for meth lab charges in the Fox Valley.

All three were arrested Thursday at the La Quinta hotel in Grand Chute.

An outburst happened at the end of the court appearance for suspect James Parchem. He, along with Jason Koski and Karisa Doe were all charged with manufacturing methamphetamine.

James Parchem made it clear he did not agree with the charges against him Friday.

"How the *expletive* and I supposed to do that from jail?" the suspect yelled as he swore at both the prosecutor and court commissioner, "I don't give a *expletive.* Dude wasn't the one that was doing it, not me. Man!" Parched continued.

The public defender tried to calm his client, but agreed, saying Parchem and Karisa Doe weren't making meth themselves, but were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"I don't see anything listed here tying her directly to anything that was going on," said attorney Brandt Swardenski.

The prosecutor, however, has a different view.

He said, although it looks like Jason Koski headed the operation, both Doe and Parchem were involved.

The criminal complaint says Doe and Parchem had clothing and other belongings in the hotel room at the La Quinta.

"This was very, very dangerous activity by the defendant in an effort to make something that is very dangerous to the people that use it," said prosecutor Andrew Maier.

According to the prosecutor, investigators found ingredients and equipment to make meth in the hotel room, which was rented in Koski's name, as well as containers to pack the drug for sale.

The prosecutor said officers also found Koski's journal, which mentioned making meth in Neenah for the past few months, then moving to the Grand Chute hotel a few days ago.

The journal allegedly noted some mishaps from the meth cooking process.

"Caused pretty significant fires both in a residence and ultimately a hotel," said Maier.

A fourth person found in the hotel room was also named in the criminal complaint. It's unclear whether that person, a woman will face any charges.

The bond for the three suspects ranges from $4,000 to $10,000.