The NEW Zoo is getting a new building


SUAMICO - Sick animals at Brown County's NEW Zoo will hopefully soon be receiving better care.

A special "laying the foundation" ceremony took place for a new $1.3 million dollar animal hospital.

The 8,000 square foot facility will have a surgery room, lab and animal holding areas.

The current hospital is 21 years old, but will still be used as a kitchen, animal holding spaces and office area.

Dr. Tracey Gilbert, one of the zoo's veterinarians, says there are 220 animals at the zoo and space to care for them has been a long-time challenge.

"Space has been the primary challenge as our collection has gotten so much bigger and we've had to perform most of our surgeries and treatments in an area the size of an average bedroom," Gilbert said. "Our treatment room is about 15 by 15 currently and we're going to increase that and increase the surgery size so we can actually move around our patients when we're working on them instead of crawling over and under them."

Construction actually has been going on for a few weeks with zoo officials hoping to have it complete by fall.