Taking a look at the rainfall's effect


APPLETON - The recent weather has Outagamie County Emergency Management on alert.

"We usually don't have multiple days of rain and multiple days of storms. That's very unique for our area," explained interim director Christina Muller.

The rainfall totals are adding up fast.

Looking at Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, in Appleton a little more than an inch of rain fell and about half an inch fell in Oshkosh.

So the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is keeping a close watch on the Fox River.

"The level is just slightly above our summer target. So we aren't aware of anything there in terms of flooding. That water is moving faster. So proceed with caution and just recognize that and respect it," explained Jim Bonetti, project engineer with the Fox River Office of the Army Corps of Engineers.

And all the rain we've been getting is providing frustrations for farmers.

"It delays all field operations, no doubt, because the fields are muddy now and you can't get in the fields to do anything for awhile," said Appleton dairy farmer Mark Petersen.

Kevin Jarek with the Outagamie County UW-Extension told FOX 11 the rain's brought up the water table, which was already high in some farm fields.

"As you drive around, most people can see the ditches are full. There just simply isn't a place for the water to go," Jarek explained.

Petersen told us the excess water is bad for the newly planted corn and soybeans.

"Makes our young plants a little vulnerable. They could drown," Petersen explained.

Jarek told us that can happen within one or two days.

Now all farmers can do is watch and wait.

"Just gotta hang in there and hope for the sun to come back," said Petersen.

Jarek told FOX 11 the rain is especially bad for farmers this year. He said the planting season was late. So some haven't even had a chance to get all their crops in the ground yet.