Support musical education by singing in the shower at Mile of Music


APPLETON - Ever thought your shower singing skills could help raise money for kids?

That's exactly what a bathroom remodeling company is asking folks to do.

Tundraland has a shower booth setup in the lobby of the Paper Valley Hotel in Appleton during the Mile of Music festival.

All you have to do is step inside the shower and start singing.

If Tundraland can get at least 250 people to sing in their shower booth, they will pay for a child's music lesson for one year.

Brian Gottlieb, president of Tundraland, says, "I believe that Appleton is a magnet for true art and real artisan music, and it's just really a blast to be a part of it."

The booth will be open until midnight on Thursday and from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday night.