Standoff ends peacefully in Berlin

Berlin standoff ends peacefully

BERLIN – Berlin police responded to a domestic disturbance involving a pregnant woman on Sunday.
It happened in the 200 block of Canal St. just before 7 a.m.

Police say a man battered a 29-year-old pregnant woman and she was complaining of injuries to her stomach.

When Berlin police officers and Green Lake County sheriff’s deputies attempted to make contact with the residents of the home, they received no response.

Officials say the victim, her 18-month-old child, the victim’s mother, and the male suspect were in the home.

Officers maintained a perimeter around the house and attempted to make contact with the occupants.

Authorities say officers had reason to believe that the suspect may have been in possession of a firearm.

Police say they alerted residents in the area of the incident and several homes were evacuated.

Police also informed St. John’s Lutheran Church, located directly across the street. Authorities say all church attendees were safely removed from the area.

Officials say officers were able to make contact with the victim, and she safely exited the house with her 18-month-old baby and her mother.

Police say the victim, her mother, and the child were examined by paramedics on scene.

Officers were finally able to communicate with the male suspect by phone, and a short time later he exited and was arrested without incident.

“I am pleased how well Green Lake County Law Enforcement Agencies came together and handled this incident. Our county-wide combined training has proven once again to be a very valuable asset to officers and the public,” said Captain Kevin Block. “It is always a good situation when incidents like this end peacefully and nobody is hurt and officers return home safe.”