Solicitors arrested going door-to-door in Green Bay

File photo (WLUK/Chris Bourassa)

GREEN BAY - Green Bay police responded to several complaints of magazine solicitors going door-to-door in the Red Smith neighborhood on Thursday.

Police arrested two solicitors after they stopped them and found they did not have a permit to sell door-to-door.

Three more solicitors were found in the area of Christa McAuliffe Park shortly after. They too did not have a permit and were arrested.

One of the solicitors was also charged with obstructing an officer and officials found the van the solicitors were driving was reported stolen out of Indiana.

The solicitors said they worked for Freedom Sales or Ultimate Solutions. Both of these companies have received an "F" rating by the Better Business Bureau for multiple complaints by customers.

If you gave money to any of these solicitors for magazines and you would like to cancel your transaction, officials suggest you contact your bank and cancel the check.

If any solicitors come to your door, ask to see their Green Bay Solicitor's Permit, which must be carried by the seller at all times.

The permit will show that it was issued by the City of Green Bay and will have an expiration date on it.

If they fail to show a permit, please contact the Green Bay Police Department to report the incident.

Officials also stress that just because the solicitor may have the proper permit with the City of Green Bay does not mean that the City of Green Bay deems the business or product they are selling to be legitimate.