Shawano County remains bring hope to families with missing loved ones

Shawano County sheriff’s officials investigate human remains found in the town of Richmond. (WLUK)

The Shawano County Sheriff's Department is waiting for autopsy results to help identify human remains found over the weekend. The remains were discovered in the town of Richmond on Peach Rd.

The discovery is giving hope to some families with missing loved ones, who have been looking for closure.

FOX 11 reached out to two families, including Victoria Prokopovitz. Her daughter is still looking for answers.

"She just said, Marsha, I'm calling to let you know that it was not Victoria that was found,” said Marsha Loritz of Bellevue.

Those words came from a detective and now Marsha Loritz is filled with emotion, realizing her mother is still gone.

"It's like starting all over again. As much as we don't want that to be the outcome, it would have been closure. It's like now where do we go from here?" said Loritz.

Loritz's mother, Victoria Prokopovitz, was last seen at her Pittsfield home more than a year ago.

The remains found in Shawano County have Loritz hoping the discovery can help bring closure to another family.

"Some family's going to get that terrible news and I feel terrible for the news that they're going to get but they're going to have an answer,” said Loritz.

But at this time, many questions still remain.

"We want to have closure, but not just closure. We want to have a very firm and final closure to what happened and until that comes about, that's why I'm being so firm on that,” said Shawano County Sheriff Randall Wright.

It's not the only disappearance in the county. FOX 11 asked Sheriff Randall White if the remains belong to another woman named Heather Szekeres. Szekeres disappeared last summer after visiting a bar downtown Shawano.

FOX 11 left messages with Szekeres' husband but he did not respond.

“Can you confirm whether or not the remains that were found were Heather Szekeres or give me any information in regards to the ongoing investigation?” asked FOX 11’s Gabrielle Mays.

"We're not releasing anything until we have an exact positive ID back from the lab and the forensic people,” said Wright.

Wright says the human remains his department found may be one step closer to solving a case, giving one family closure while another family just like Loritz will never stop looking.

"Never give up hope. Bring Vicki home,” she said.

The Shawano County sheriff says he's not giving out any new information until the remains have been identified.