Seven kayakers and canoeists rescued

Seven kayakers and canoeists are safe after a water rescue in Manitowoc County on Tuesday, June 3, 2014. (WLUK)

MANITOWOC COUNTY - A group of kayakers and canoeists needed to be rescued Tuesday in Manitowoc County.

Seven people were traveling down the East Twin River between Mishicot and Two Rivers.

Four were in canoes and three were in kayaks.

Some of them went in the water when the current became too fast.

"I followed the canoe until the canoe started to head to brush and I grabbed the brush, was able to stop the canoe, and then the kayakers came behind and pulled it over and eventually it flipped, almost went straight up in the air," said canoeist Bob Clyde.

"We thought it would be a nice day to paddle because the current was so strong but it turned out to be too strong for us," said kayaker Steve Brown.

One person in the group was taken to the hospital for possible hypothermia. The man may have been in the water for an hour.

Everyone in the group was wearing a life jacket.