Schreiber Foods to open new headquarters Monday

Schreiber Foods, Inc.

GREEN BAY - GREEN BAY- Recognize this building? It's been going up along Green Bay's riverfront for two years.

And tonight, we're getting a sneak peek inside this key piece of the city's downtown redevelopment plan.

It's the new home for Schreiber Foods, one of the largest dairy companies in the world.

Schreiber says employees and equipment will start moving into the new place on Monday. The building is located at the corner of Washington and Main Streets in Green Bay.

Its decorative limestone panels rise five stories above Washington Street.

“Something that you don't see much of around the Green Bay area, but it's resulted in just a really classy look for it,” said Bob Nielsen, the Enterprise Project Manager for Schreiber Foods.

The new Schreiber Foods headquarters will bring together all departments under the same roof for the first time.

“We're currently scattered across six different buildings in Green Bay, and we're all going to be in one home now. So that's a big deal,” said Nielsen.

But this 250 thousand square foot space isn't just an office building. It includes test labs and kitchens.

“We do processed cheese, natural cheese, cream cheese, and yogurt,” said Nielsen. “The kitchens here were designed to work with our products.”

Schrieber's corporate chefs say the new facilities will help with business.

“It gives us an opportunity to bring customers into the kitchen so we can work hands-on with them,” said Chef Eric Scherwinski.

And this state of the art test kitchen will have new opportunities. It will be the first time people in the community will be able to come in and taste test.

“That's our sensory area and that's designed for external panels to come in and help us evaluate our products and help us make our products better,” said Nielsen.

But high tech amenities came with a higher price tag.

Schreiber originally estimated the project to cost 50 million dollars. It's topping out at 85 million.

“As our work on this project evolved, the size of it grew, the types of amenities and features and types of spaces we decided to put in this building they grew and along with that the price tag grew,” said Nielsen.

The nearly 700 workers Schreiber employs will be all moved in here by August 12.
Schreiber's new headquarters is in the space previously occupied by the old Washington Commons.