Sawdust Days underway in Oshkosh

Sawdust Days

The 43rd Annual Sawdust Days is underway at Menominee Park in Oshkosh.

Kenneth Barnett is working hard to bring people to the games at Sawdust Days. He says it's nice seeing the children have fun.

"They're fishing for ducks right now, but just being able to give them something, give them a prize just for playing."

Unfortunately the day was a little slow. The cooler weather and early rain left some a little disappointed.

Brothers Breck and Kiren Patrick say warmer weather would have made it better, but they were still ready to have fun.
One important item on the list?

Food. But before food...

Kiren headed for the rides.

We caught up with the brothers leaving this ride.

"It goes up, it's like a swing, like a giant swing," said Breck.

"I get dizzy sometimes, whoa," was all Kiren could say.

While the rides and vendors are a big part of Sawdust days, a very important aspect are the re-enactments highlighting the area's history.

"It's really enjoyable to me to explain to people and teach things also," said Carl Cihlar.

Cihlar has done historical re-enactments for 25 years. He's showing visitors what life was like for early French fur trappers in this area.

"It's made with sinew, there's no plastic, it's glass beads.  Everything's exactly like it was in the 1840's."

Cihlar says it's important for people to understand their hometown history.

"That's where this whole area got its birth, its growth from, the French fur trappers."

And among the lights of the midway Cihlar is helping make that history known.

Sawdust Days runs every day this week. The festival ends Sunday night at eight o'clock.