Same-sex couples marry in Brown County

Same sex couples

GREEN BAY - Dozens of people lined up at the Brown County's Northern Building to get a marriage license Monday.

As the day began, it looked like people would have to wait. Brown County Clerk Sandy Juno was waiting for guidance from the State's Attorney General's Office.

But after not hearing back, based on the court decision, the county began issuing licenses about two hours after the office opened.

Lisa and Berri West of Green Bay were the first couple to exchange the words they have been waiting so long to hear.

"Do you, Berri, take this woman to live together in marriage for as long as you both shall live?" asked minister Catherine Brower.

"I sure do," answered Berri West.

The couple exchanged their wedding vows on the lawn of the Brown County Courthouse.

Newlyweds we talked to say it was worth the wait.

"It's only meaningful if more couples follow us. It's not meaningful if we're not the only guy couple; we want to make sure that we're the first of many," said Michael Vinson, Green Bay.

"Right now, we're considered a married couple in the state. If the appeal goes through, we'll do it again. We're not going away, that's the big thing. And whatever it takes to make sure that this stays legal, this is what's going to happen," said Lisa West.

The Brown County clerk issued 18 same-sex marriage licenses on Monday.