Run for the Barn fundraiser in Scandinavia

Jorgens Park Preserve in Scandinavia, September 13, 2017 (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

SCANDINAVIA (WLUK) -- A piece of Waupaca County history is getting a facelift.

A red barn has stood on the shoreline of Silver Lake in Scandinavia for about a century, and money is currently being raised to help pay for the work.

"This is what the barn siding originally looked like," said Dana Rima, Friends of Jorgens Park Preserve.

From the weathered wood, to the faded paint, Rima says the old barn in Scandinavia, needed some work.

"We had first thought about taking it down, but we knew that that property just wouldn't be the same," he said.

The barn is part of Jorgens Park Preserve. After their death, Dora and Carsten Jorgens donated the 40-acre farm to the local community. The preserve was dedicated two years ago. The 2017 Run for the Barn fundraiser takes place Saturday. Theres a two-mile run through the park and a .5K walk.

"People ask what's a .5K? Well, it's 1640 feet, and so it's only one time around the hay field is what it is," said Rima.

The hay field, hiking trails, and pavilion highlight the park's features. Katie Burr took her dog Yeller for a trek Wednesday morning.

"It's beautiful. The trails are manicured. They're well-kept. It's a very safe location to walk you dog or even to walk yourself," said Katie Burr, Scandinavia.

The Friends of Jorgens Park Preserve says so far, preserve renovations total about $4,000, and it will take about another$1,000 to finish the barn which will be used for storage.

"There's too many old barns throughout Wisconsin that aren't being saved. So I was really happy to be a part of this thing. My philosophy is, you got to make a difference," said Rima.

Rima says Dora and Carsten Jorgens would approve.

The run-walk will be Saturday morning.

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