Rims return to Green Bay's Fisk Park


GREEN BAY - People are hitting the basketball court once again at Green Bay's Fisk Park.

Last summer, police stripped down the rims, citing fights and vandalism.

Last month, city leaders recommending returning those rims.

City workers hung rims and nets Friday morning, kids and teens hooped it up.

"I was excited when someone told me the hoops were up. I was like I'm going to hoop today, because I didn't have work today, so I decided to come hoop," said Paris Coleman of Green Bay.

Green Bay police decided to remove the rims because of crimes like disorderly conduct, theft and vandalism were becoming more common.

But after a year with no basketball, the city decided to give people a second chance.

"I hope there's not going to be any more criminal stuff, and I hope it goes smoothly around here," said Gavin Bourassa of Green Bay.

So does Terry Cook and the Divine Temple Church.

"We have to tighten up our behavior," Cook said.

Cook says his church reached out to people in the congregation and beyond to help make sure the hoops stay.

"There's just got to be a certain way that we all have to act to make the park more recreational for everyone. There's not a specific ethnic type group, it's everyone that has to work together," said Cook.

As the activity on the basketball court picked up in the afternoon, Natana Dess said she's glad to see the hoops back.

"I got a nine-year-old and he likes playing basketball so that gives the kids something to do," said Dess.

However, she says she'll be keeping a close eye on things... and hopes police do too.

"I have a little bit of concern about the hoops being back up, the fighting and the crime that may come along with it. And with the children the playground being right there," said Dess.

Meanwhile, Cook says he'll continue to spread the message that bad behavior won't be tolerated.

"We're just hoping everything turns out well for the summer and the summers to come," Dess said.

I reached out to city officials who proposed bringing the hoops back, however, I did not hear back.

If crime returns with the rims, police have the authority to remove them again.