Riehl pleads not guilty in child abuse case

Jeana Riehl (Fond du Lac Co. Sheriff's Office)

FOND DU LAC - A woman charged with abusing her adopted children pleaded not guilty to ten charges Monday.

Jeana Riehl is scheduled to stand trial Sept. 30 on eight counts of child abuse and two counts of neglecting a child. A plea and sentencing hearing is set for Aug. 15, should a plea deal be reached.

Police say she starved her adopted children and beat them with a rolling pin and a horse whip. The 11 and 12-year-old boys were adopted from Africa. Court documents also say the Riehls abused several of their biological children, too, though that abuse was not as severe. Riehl says the children exaggerated the abuse and says she never denied them food.

Her husband, Troy, allegedly observed the abuse but did not report it. He faces eight charges. A plea hearing is scheduled for Aug. 29.