New chancellor named for UW-Green Bay

Gary L. Miller (UW System)

GREEN BAY - There's a big change coming to UW-Green Bay. A new chancellor has been named.

Gary Miller will become the sixth chancellor of the university.

Miller has a Ph.D. in biological sciences from Mississippi State University.

He's the current chancellor of the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

UW-Green Bay's campus is pretty quiet now that classes are done for the year. But a conference room inside the school's library is buzzing with excitement.

"We're just so happy," said Cheryl Grosso, member of the chancellor search committee.

After four and a half months, the search for a new chancellor is over.

"Let me just say how honored and excited I am to have this opportunity," said Miller.

The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents named Miller to take over the post Monday.

Miller talked about some of the current challenges higher education faces.

"What's more important is the opportunity and the challenge of providing post-secondary education to many different kinds of people with many different kinds of backgrounds," Miller said.

Miller didn't lay out any specific goals for his new position but he says he will be working closely with university members and the community.

Current chancellor Tom Harden says Miller is a welcomed change.

"I'm really happy that Gary will be joining us. I can't think of a better person to come in," said Harden.

The search for a new chancellor began four and a half months ago, after Harden announced he was stepping down.

Miller beat out four other finalists for the new position.

"Chancellor Designate Miller has a great grasp of what it's going to take to truly bring the university and the region together in terms of meeting needs and economic success," Grosso said.

Some students are also paying attention to the upcoming change.

"I hope that our campus becomes more sustainable. I think it’s done leaps and bounds so far but I think that there's ways that it could also improve," said Christy Vincent, a sophomore at UW-Green Bay.

Miller says he's a fan of the university's current sustainability efforts and preparing students for the future is important.

Miller will start his new position August 1.