Pumpkin tips the scales at 1,750 pounds

Glen and Margaret Martin's great pumpkins in Combined Locks

COMBINED LOCKS - Halloween week is here and what would the holiday be without pumpkins?

Well, we have found a great one.

Margaret Martin started growing giant pumpkins in her backyard in Combined Locks eight years ago.

"My first year that I grew them it was 236 pounds and I was proud as a peacock over that one!" she exclaimed.

Two years later, her husband Glen got into the game.

"She was getting all the attention and I didn't like it!" Glen said, laughing.

The Martins' pumpkins have grown by leaps and bounds over the years. Their largest this year tips the scales at 1,750 pounds.

"Before that our biggest pumpkin was 1,476 pounds. So we just jumped ahead a couple hundred pounds, which is awesome," Margaret explained.

To put the size into perspective, your average pumpkin weighs about 10 pounds. One hundred seventy-five of those would go into the big pumpkin.

Believe it or not, the 1,750 pounder is not Wisconsin's biggest pumpkin. The one that is weighs about 100 pounds more.

The Martins briefly held the record in 2008, but Glen isn't satisfied.

"I gotta get my name back on that list. I'm right here and I don't like it. I gotta be here!" he exclaimed.

Today Glen is the president of the Wisconsin Giant Pumpkin Growers. Margaret is the secretary and treasurer.

So what's the secret to a great pumpkin like this?

"It's the seeds, it's the genetics and a lot of, a lot of effort is put into them. We baby them," Margaret told FOX 11.

The Martins told us they plant in late April and harvest in September. They said these pumpkins can grow two pounds per hour.

And the couple is happy to pass out their prized seeds to anyone who asks nicely.

"Germany, Yugoslavia, Poland. We just got a request from a person in India," Glen told us.

The Martins also like to share their hard work on their front lawn, letting people visit, take pictures, touch and even climb on the pumpkins.

"I like to watch the smiles on people's faces. I just get a kick out of that. Everybody's so happy!" said Margaret, smiling.

But Glen told us as much fun as this is, it's all about competing.

"Oh, I love competition," he said.

The Martins say they won't stop until they have not just a great pumpkin, but the GREATEST.

"Can't stop. No, no. Gotta get the Wisconsin state record," said Glen.

The Martins told us the world record for largest pumpkin weighs in at more than 2,000 pounds.