Pulaski school district rolls out Red Raider Country campaign

Red Raider Country signs will be popping up throughout the Pulaski Community School District, as it rolls out its new marketing campaign.

PULASKI - The Pulaski Community School District says it wanted a new way to reach out to all the towns in its district.

Superintendent Milt Thompson says they found it in this new campaign: Red Raider Country.

“The other thing about Red Raider Country, what made it a really good phrase to use is the fact that Pulaski Community School District encompasses 176 square miles,” said Thompson.

It's not just the village of Pulaski, but sixteen different municipalities that fall within the district's borders.

The district says it can be hard to connect everyone.

But Thompson says the new partnerships he's looking to form go beyond a new slogan and website.

“If there is something that they're doing, if there's some ideas that they have that are mutual benefit to the district, let's work together,” said Thompson.

Yard signs have started to pop up across the district, including in Hobart.

The property tax base in the Village of Hobart actually outweighs the number of students going to the Pulaski School District. Many of the children living in Hobart attend private school. But the Village of Hobart says the partnership with the Pulaski school district is still valuable.

“We have seen a lot of growth. And for a lot of that growth, it has been in the northern portion of the village in the Pulaski school district, and that has a lot to do with that,” said Village Administrator Andrew Vickers. “One's success is also the other success so we just like to make sure we have a seat at the table in those discussions.”

“For Hobart, for Chase, for some of the other municipalities that are really growth oriented, they can leverage that to young families who want to buy houses there,” said Thompson.

Thompson says he hopes these small efforts will bring in future generations of Red Raiders.

Red Raider Country billboards will also be hung along Highway 29. The district says all the new marketing efforts have cost about $18,000 from a school district fund.

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