Preble adjusts school calendar for fire clean-up

Preble High School

GREEN BAY - Instead of adding days, the Green Bay Public School District is adding time to Preble High School’s calendar to make up for time lost to fire cleanup.

Preble students are starting school nearly two weeks later than other Green Bay schools. The first day will be Sept. 15, instead of Sept. 2.

Students will spend 18 more minutes at school per day.

“Whatever makes up the time is good because we really do need to make that up since we're losing so much time in the beginning of the year,” said Madison Bacon, a senior at Preble.

“Some schedules might need to be adjusted a little bit, but that's what happens when this thing happens,” said Annika Osell, a senior at Preble.

School will start as usual at 7:30 a.m., but instead of ending at 3 p.m., the school day will end at 3:18.

Four half days will also now be full days and, on Oct. 31, Preble will be in session when other Green Bay schools have the day off.

“Thanks to (state) legislation passed last year, we are not required to make up the nine days lost, only the instructional minutes, which provides greater flexibility in our planning moving forward to meet the needs of our students,” said Mark Smith, the district’s assistant superintendent for continuous school improvement.

It also allows for school to still end on June 10.

The changes also accommodate for two snow days.

Crews restoring the school say they are about 50% done cleaning classrooms and are ready to attack the most heavily damaged parts of Preble.

“Right now, we have absolutely no concerns about not opening the school,” said J. Murphy of Paul Davis National, the company cleaning the school.

Once the school is reopened, the leader of the school’s band says they'll be taking advantage of the new school schedule.

“The extra time in the building will help us catch up and more playing time for us is always a good thing,” said Megan Sweeney, Preble’s band instructor.

A district employee told FOX 11 the district's internal investigation into the fire is still ongoing.

Fire investigators ruled district employees inappropriately threw away rags used to clean up wood refinishing products. They say that triggered a spontaneous fire in the gym.