Police: Gang investigation leads to 9 arrests in alleged gun & drug trafficking case

File photo (WLUK/Chris Bourassa)

GREEN BAY – A nearly year-long investigation into a Green Bay street gang led to the recent arrests of nine people, including its alleged ringleader.

Court records obtained by FOX 11 are detailing just a portion of the Green Bay Police Department's investigation into three of those people.

Officers looked into the Bay City Latin Kings, the gang's suspected narcotics distribution, and its alleged leader Michael Doxtator, 26.

"The defendant was identified as the top-ranking leader of the Bay City Kings – the local chapter of the Latin Kings gang,” said Brown County Assistant District Attorney Carley Miller, during a probable cause hearing last Thursday.

Doxtator – along with two other men, Stephen Imbordino, 23, and Brian Gauthier, 22 – also appeared in court. None of the suspects were charged. But court Commissioner Chad Resar found enough probable cause that Doxtator and the two other men committed various drug crimes.

"This is an incredibly organized gang and part of the drug trafficking goes towards funding gang activity, which does include firearm trafficking, stolen firearm trafficking, in the area of Green Bay, Wisconsin,” said Miller.

"They were involved with Mr. Doxtator,” said Green Bay Police Capt. Todd Thomas of Imbordino and Gauthier, “They were involved with the distribution of the drugs."

Thomas calls the gang extremely organized and structured, holding weekly meetings. It even includes officers: a vice president, treasurer, enforcer and a secretary. Gang members are required to pay dues – like a social club. And they had job: sell drugs and return the money to the gang.

"So it was a criminal enterprise," said Thomas.

Police statements say Doxtator would drive to southeastern Wisconsin to buy drugs for distribution in Green Bay and the Potawatomi Reservation area; and at least one instance involving stolen guns.

“There had been a burglary, west of Green Bay,” said Thomas. “These guns were transported down, traded for drugs in Milwaukee, Chicago areas.”

According to county drug task force records, five controlled-buy operations involved Doxtator and the opioid prescription drug, Oxycodone.

Doxtator and Imbordino were taken into custody during a traffic stop in Green Bay last Tuesday. Court records say police found a pill bottle containing more than 80 oxycodone pills.

A search warrant of Imbordino's home led to Gauthier's arrest for possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Doxtator and Imbordino are still in the Brown County jail. Gauthier is now out on bond. The three are scheduled to appear back in court Friday.

Police say six other people are facing various referred misdemeanors and felony charges, and more arrests are expected in the coming days.

Doxtator and Imbordino are still in the Brown County jail; Gauthier is out on bond. The three are scheduled to appear back in court Friday. FOX 11's calls to their attorney for comment have not been returned.