Small plane crash near Oshkosh

A two-person plane down in a field in Oshkosh, July 20, 2014. (Chris Bourassa/WLUK)

TOWN OF OSHKOSH – Two people injured, but alive after their plane crashed outside Oshkosh Wednesday.

Oshkosh fire rescue told FOX 11 the injuries to the pilot and passenger are not life-threatening.

The crash happened near Oshkosh about three o'clock Wednesday afternoon. It happened at a small air strip adjacent to the Hickory Oaks Campground just south of the state prison.

Bonnie Jungwirth's house is across the street from the Hickory Oaks Campground runway. She told FOX 11 she's used to planes overhead, but that Wednesday's crash was a scare.

"Kinda freaky, because last night they were flying over and I'm like, 'I hope someday they don't crash into my house!'" Jungwirth exclaimed.

Jungwirth said she's thankful that's not what happened.

"Oh very, very thankful. They usually start going up after work and they're going 'til dark and you can hear them, they're flying low," she told us.

The Oshkosh Fire Department said the plane made it to the campground air strip when something went wrong.

"He was actually attempting to land here and just lost power at the entrance to the runway," explained Battalion Chief Jim Austad.

The pilot and passenger are brothers from Kentucky. They were flying into Oshkosh from Illinois Wednesday.

"There were two people transported to a local hospital that had non life-threatening injuries," said Austad.

Authorities say it's likely the two men were coming to the area to attend EAA AirVenture.

The National Transportation Safety Board told FOX 11 the plane is a single-engine, two-seater that was built from a kit. It's unclear why it lost power.

"Three things were gonna look at: the pilot, the weather that was occurring at the time and the aircraft," explained Ed Malinowski with the NTSB.

The NTSB said the plane was heavily damaged.

"The left wing was separated from the aircraft and the nose engine of the aircraft was pushed aft-ward," Malinowski told us.

Jungwirth said she's hoping for a swift recovery for the two men inside, saying, "just so they're okay, that's the main thing."

The federal investigators said to expect some answers in a week, but maybe a year for their full report.