Peregrine falcon chicks banded in Green Bay

Peregrine falcon chicks banded in Green Bay

GREEN BAY – Some unexpected guests appeared at a Green Bay area business Tuesday.

Four peregrine falcon chicks hatched at Georgia-Pacific's Broadway mill in Green Bay.

The falcons have been on the Wisconsin Endangered Species list since 1975.

Tuesday, the chicks were banded.

Each band gives researchers information on the birds' movements and habitat needs year-round.

"You have a band that has colors that way it's easy to recognize in the field and those colors also have numbers and letters all that information goes into a database that we're able to track the falcon chicks as they grow up,” said Michael Moore, environment engineer.

The mill has had falcons nesting since at least 2008, even before it had a nesting box.

The four chicks will be able to fly in about three weeks.