Fight in Green Bay lands three people in the hospital; two arrested

The Green Bay police department held a press conference Tuesday afternoon on what they're calling a disturbance on Lime Kiln Rd. that happened Tuesday morning. (Andrew LaCombe/WLUK)

GREEN BAY - An early-morning fight on Green Bay's east side landed three people in the hospital.

The fight involved several teenagers and also, several bricks.

Two people have been arrested, and the police district captain says they're still looking for a third suspect.

It took place at an apartment building on Lime Kiln Road just before four this morning. That's where two of the young men lived.

Green Bay police say a group of 17 and 18-year-olds were drinking at this apartment building.

A fight broke out between three young men. Police are still looking for the man who threw a brick, starting the fight.

“One male was hit in the mouth with a brick. His friend who was with him chased his assailant out of the apartment throwing bricks back at that person. He missed and hit a female who happened to be standing watching what was going on outside,” said Galvin.

Police say that 18-year old woman has a fractured skull. Authorities say, the fight did not end there.

“When he hit her in the head, her boyfriend began to chase him. The man that they were originally chasing turned around and joined that chase.

Police say the man who is still at large pulled out a pellet gun. Officers say he beat the friend of the first male victim with the weapon until that man's ear was nearly hanging off.

The man hit with the brick and the man beat with the gun were both arrested because of their involvement with the fight.

“We do know the two individuals we have in custody do belong to a gang, but that's not to say that anything that took place here was due to gang activity,” said Galvin.

Police say they're still looking for the man with the pellet gun. The two arrested men are not helping officers identify him.

Police say the woman and her boyfriend are not facing charges, but the three men involved in the original fight are.