Parents charged in child abuse case headed to trial

Jeana and Troy Riehl (Fond du Lac Co. Sheriff's Office)

FOND DU LAC - Two parents charged with child abuse were ordered Thursday to stand trial, but not before a judge dismissed several counts against each of them.

No arraignment dates have been set for Troy and Jeana Riehl.

Court documents say Jeana Riehl would beat her two adopted children with items like rolling pins, hunting arrows and a horse whip. Those beatings allegedly drew blood and left bruises. The children were adopted from Africa and are 11 and 12-year-old boys. According to the criminal complaint, Riehl starved the children and locked them in rooms for days on end. The documents say her husband, and the boys’ adoptive father, Troy Riehl saw the abuse, but never reported it.

In the complaint Jeana Riehl says the children exaggerated the abuse. She says she never denied them food, but did admit to hitting them with objects.

Originally, Jeana Riehl faced 11 felony counts, but four of them were dismissed Thursday. She is still charged with five counts of child abuse/intentionally causing harm and two counts of neglecting a child resulting in bodily harm.

Originally, Troy Riehl faced eight felony counts, but three of them were dismissed Thursday. He is still charged with three counts of neglecting a child resulting in bodily harm, and two counts of child abuse by failing to prevent abuse.