Packers Training Camp tradition continues

Jordy Nelson rides Hayden Kupsh's bike to practice.

GREEN BAY - On Saturday you could probably hear the screams a mile away.

As Packers players walk through the gate, you couldn't help but notice dozens of children waiting and hoping for a player to ride their bike to the practice field.

"This is actually awesome," said Thomas Konetski.

This year the Packers along with American Family Insurance added five new tricycles for players and underprivileged kids to ride.

The trikes will be called "The Dream Fleet" each with a Wisconsin theme.

"American Family and the Packers have joined with the Salvation Army, of Brown County, to allow kids who normally aren't able to participate in this tradition to do so," said Daniel Kelly with American Family Insurance.

Many fans like the idea.

"I think it helps. Not every kid out there can bring a bike," said Mario Ponce.

It's about a quarter mile from Lambeau to the practice field and the route will be called Dream-Drive.

For some kids like Hayden Kupsh, they share a special bond with players.

"This is my fifth year with [Jordy Nelson]," said Hayden Kupsh.

Kupsh says she looks forward to the meeting every year.

"It's just really fun. It's a good experience for kids and I like the tradition," Kupsh said.

With a Packers helmet in hand, the 14-year-old was chosen once again and jogged alongside Nelson for the quick ride to practice.

This was the first year for the Ryan family.

"I didn't realize it was going to be this big," said Heather Ryan.

Maybe one day some of the kids in the crowd will grow up and become a Packers player, riding a bike to and from practice on Dream-Drive.