Packers to likely use variable ticket prices next season

packers season tickets

GREEN BAY - Fans attending Packers pre-season games could start seeing ticket price relief next season.

The team says it will likely start using variable pricing. That means the price of the ticket would reflect the perceived value of the game.

“When the regular players aren't playing the whole game, then fans shouldn't be charged as a regular season game,” said Gary Franzen, a Packers fan from Milwaukee.

This year, for the first time, 14 of the 32 NFL teams are using variable ticket pricing.

The Packers say they are watching teams like Detroit, Pittsburgh and San Francisco, who have put variable pricing within its season ticket packages.

“We'd be looking at the season package because we're sold out on a season ticket basis and then we'd just have to determine how to apply that to our green and our gold packages, our three and our seven game packages,” said Aaron Popkey, a Packers spokesperson.

Here is how San Fransico varied its prices for season ticket holders: the lowest priced tickets for 'pre-season' cost $43. For 'prime' regular season games, those tickets are $85 a piece. For 'marquee' games the cost is $106 a piece. For non-season ticket holders, the price is the same for pre-season, but higher for prime and marquee games to provide incentive to season ticket holders.

“There is no way the Packers, having a sold out stadium, are going to drop their pre-season tickets for less money, because they sell them anyways because the season ticket holder has to take them,” said John Schmidt of Schmitty’s Tickets.

Schmidt has dealt with variable pricing for other NFL teams and other sports. He predicts the Packers variable pricing for season ticket holders will be similar to the Wisconsin Badgers. Schmitt says season ticket holders pay the same price for each ticket, but the value on each ticket is different.

“They're not going to fluctuate those prices, that would be too confusing,” said Schmidt. “It might say it on the ticket that they're more because that's what they'll be charging for their extra seats.”

The Packers say they want to see how this first year goes for other teams before making a final decision on ticket prices.