Ossman charged in police chase; still missing

Calvin Ossmann, 26

SHAWANO COUNTY - A Shawano County family says it's living in fear as a man it considered one of its own is on the run from law enforcement.

Shawano County Sheriff's officials have been looking for 26-year-old Calvin Ossman for the past five days. They say Ossman stole three vehicles last weekend, caused damage to several other vehicles and led sheriff's deputies on a high speed chase in a semi.

Diane Enoch says Ossman had been living with her family on and off for the past 16 years.

“He was just like one of our family,” said Enoch.

That's why Enoch has a hard time understanding Ossman's actions from this past weekend.

Enoch says Ossman left her family's house angry Friday night after her husband yelled at him for stealing someone's wallet.

“15 minutes later a semi pulls in and smashes into our car,” said Enoch. “He backed out and hit our tree, our fence, the tree down over there.”

Enoch says Ossman ditched the semi and took off. She says he returned to the house Saturday night in a different semi, ramming it several more times into the family vehicle.

“I don't understand why he'd do something like this,” said Enoch. “He just has a dream of being a trucker because it’s in his blood he says.”

“I believe it was just an opportune type situation,” said Randy Wright, Shawano County’s sheriff. “Keys were available and he just took them.”

Court documents reveal the two semis came from Hoffman Transit.

Sheriff's officials say they found Ossman driving one of the semis Sunday night on Highway 45. They say Ossman led law enforcement on a chase through Clintonville and Belle Plaine. They say Ossman crashed the semi into a tree and took off on foot.

Sheriff's officials thought they had Ossman after he led them on the chase. However, while setting up a perimeter, it started raining heavy, washing away any possible scent for K-9's to track.

“At this time we have people out in the area,” said Wright.

The Enochs hope sheriff's deputies see Ossman again before they do.

“Even now taking the dogs out or anything, I'm afraid to come out,” said Enoch.

Shawano County Sheriff's officials say Ossman also took a truck early Friday morning, causing damage to a man's property.

Twelve charges were filed against Ossman on Tuesday.

The Shawano County Sheriff’s Department describes Ossman as about 5’11” and 170 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes. Police say Ossman has cut his hair since the above mug shot was taken and is now more clean-shaven. Officials ask that you call the Shawano County Sheriff’s Office at (715) 526-3111 if you see Ossman or know where he might be.