Oshkosh sues to recoup pub crawl costs

File photo (WLUK/Mike Moon)

OSHKOSH - The Oshkosh pub crawl is a well-known tradition on Main Street, but this year, the city told FOX 11, no one requested a permit before the April event.

"We really relied on the history of the event," said city manager Mark Rohloff.

According to Rohloff the city planned for the crawl anyway, putting extra police on patrol and doing light clean up.

"It's crowd control. It's also just making sure that whatever activities are going on are being handled carefully and safely," he explained.

Rohloff told us event organizers are charged the cost for those extra patrols. He said the pub crawl racked up a $5,800 bill.

According to Rohloff, Joe Kubiak is the event's organizer, but only paid $2,000. Now the city is suing Kubiak for $3,800 remaining, plus a $1,000 dollar fine.

"We were contacted by Mr. Kubiak in late April and he indicated to me he had paid a bill and then he indicated a few weeks later he was not going to pay more than $2,000," Rohloff explained.

Kubiak did not respond to our numerous requests for comment on this story, but had said previously he did not actually organize the event this year.

"He's historically taken out special event permits over the years. So for him to argue that he's not the organizer of the event goes against what he's done in the past. He organizes the event, he profits from the event," responded Rohloff.

According to Rohloff, Kubiak advertised the pub crawl, sold merchandise for it and even created an LLC, or limited liability company in the pub crawl's name.

"He also paid a $2,000 bill with a personal check. So he cannot hide behind the LLC that he formed," Rohloff told us.

A court hearing is scheduled for July 30th. A judge will decide what happens then.

Bar owners we talked with declined to comment on this story.

Rohloff told FOX 11 there is still a chance bars that took part in the pub crawl could be cited.