Oshkosh boaters want more parking options at Menominee Park

Boaters are looking for more parking options at Menominee Park.

OSHKOSH - Boaters in Oshkosh out for a day of fun on the water could find a surprise on their vehicle when they return.

Over the weekend, two dozen vehicles with boat trailers were cited for being illegally parked at Menominee Park.

Boaters say it's because of a lack of parking. But parks officials say boaters also have other options.

Dozens of vehicles with boat trailers lined the parking lot at Menominee Park Tuesday. It was just a fraction of the vehicles that fill the park on weekends.

And that's when boaters say they have the most trouble finding a place to park, legally.

"Sometimes you have to park out on the street," said Oshkosh angler Steve Mortenson.

It's a concern Mortenson says some boaters are bringing to the city's attention after the weekend citations.

"I would love to see if maybe even during a certain time frame of the day, when there is no baseball have us go the whole row down so there is like 75 stalls designated just for the boaters only," said Mortenson.

Oshkosh Parks Director Ray Maurer says there are already more spots for boaters.

"Last year we actually extended that the boat trailers can actually park in the single stalls up until 6 p.m."

Maurer says the city converted 25 additional single car stalls to double stalls for boat trailers at the park this year.

"What I would like the boaters to know is that we are trying to expand the number of parking spots down here, but there are five other boat launches in the city that if they find this one is full they should check out the other boat launches as well," said Maurer.

Maurer says softball games at the three diamonds at the park can use up to 200 stalls. Sometimes six days a week. He says the city works hard to balance concerns from all users of the park.

"Our goal is to make sure that the multiple users of the facility can find parking."

That should mean anglers will find it easier to go home with fish and not fines.

Maurer also says a recently completed master plan for Menominee Park could add additional boat trailer stalls in the next few years.