Oneida Casino celebrates 20th anniversary

The Oneida Tribe holds a ceremony commemorating the 20th anniversary of its casino in Ashwaubenon, July 9, 2014. (WLUK/Todd Berry)

ASHWAUBENON - The Oneida tribe is celebrating a milestone.

The Oneida Casino has been in the gaming industry for 20 years. A five-day celebration is being held at the main casino near Austin Straubel Airport.

On display are also $28 million in recent renovations and expansions.

Tribal leaders say it's quite a change from their humble beginnings.

"If you look back 20 years ago, our primary source of revenue were federal funds and bingo," Oneida Tribe chairman Edward Delgado said. "We've more than 10 times multiplied the amount of resources for the tribe."

The casino opened in 1993 with slot machines and blackjack tables. With the expansion, the main casino now has nearly 1,000 slot machines.