National Weather Service crews work to confirm multiple tornadoes

Shawano Co. storm damage from the storm on 6/14/17 (Courtesy: FOX 11)

SHAWNO COUNTY (WLUK) -- National Weather Service crews were out assessing storm damage Thursday.

"I would say a couple of tornadoes, perhaps up to five," said Gene Brusky, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

The crews were out confirming what the agency says was a series of tornadoes during Wednesday's violent storm.

"Based on what we saw on the radar, very small circulations that were there just a few minutes, and then disappeared," explained Brusky.

His crew was in Shawano County.

"We found two or three farmsteads that had more significant damage, with roofs blown off, we saw a couple collapsed barns."

See photos and videos of the damage, and share yours:

Collapsed barns like one in Angelica, where a tornado was confirmed.

Rick Clow lives across the street. He says it was close call.

"Luckily, we were not as bad as the barn, I couldn't have imagined if the house went down."

From Angelica to Navarino, FOX 11 tagged along with Brusky's crew. He says while assessing property damage, they are looking at the wind patterns, to see if it was possibly tornadic.

"They're very brief, short-lived tornadoes, and it's difficult to distinguish the straight wind damage from the little spinups that occur," he explained.

Jerry Nowak, who owns the property, wasn't home at the time.

When asked how he felt once he saw the damage, he laughed and replied, "well, something must've happened."

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