1 person unaccounted for after house explodes in Shawano Co., Wis.

A house on Richter Court in the Town of Wescott is leveled after an explosion Aug. 17, 2017. (Photo courtesy Shawano Co. Sheriff's Office)

UPDATE: The second person's body has been found.


TOWN OF WESCOTT, Wis. (WLUK) -- At least one of the homeowners was not home when a house exploded in Shawano County.

It happened early Thursday on Richter Court in the Wescott. The house is between Washington and Loon lakes.

Officials tell us two people live at the home. One was not home at the time; it is unknown whether the other person was home.

The cause of the explosion is unknown.

When Tim Larsen heard a loud boom, he got out of bed instantly.

"Right around 5 o'clock, heard something that sounded like thunder but it would've been so close to me," said Larsen.

He grabbed his phone and walked outside.

"I could see debris flying everywhere."

As he continued toward his neighbor's home, he realized the debris was insulation. He also couldn't get that early morning sound out of his head.

"It was that massive. It made people get up. It shook people out of bed," he said.

Larsen took photos and video of the damaged home.

"I saw nothing but smoke and a foundation." he said.

Tom Sullivan owns T-Mart a convenience store, in Wescott.

"When I was walking around, there's some tiles missing or fell down and several liquor bottles. Only a couple of them broke," said Sullivan.

He also noticed debris on the ground outside.

"It was like it had snowed two to three inches."

The Shawano Coutny Sheriff's Office shared a photo of the demolished home.

"We have no idea. It would be premature of me to give you any type of cause or speculation," said Detective Sgt. Gordon Kowaleski with the sherff's office.

Neighbors say the image of the home will stick with them.

"It's upsetting to see something like this," Larsen said.

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