Gillett teens ordered to stand trial for spiking teacher's drink

L-R, Hailey Brock and Gavin Gilbertson (Oconto Co. Jail)

OCONTO - Two Gillett teens accused of spiking their teacher's drink were ordered Monday to stand trial.

Testimony was heard Monday at a preliminary hearing against Hailey Brock, 18, and Gavin Gilbertson, 17. Judge Jay Conley then ordered them to stand trial, according to Clerk of Courts Mike Hodkiewicz.

Arraignments are scheduled for Feb. 11.

According to the criminal complaint, Brock confessed to putting a cleaning solution for a dry-erase board in the drink of Gillett High School staffer Ray Johnson on Oct. 20. Police say Brock admitted she spiked the soda with white board cleaning solution, in what she called a prank. Police say Gilbertson helped.

Johnson went the hospital for treatment and was released the same day.

The teens each face two charges: placing foreign object in an edible, and second-degree recklessly endangering safety.

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