New London pool part of record-breaking attempt

New London pool part of record-breaking attempt

NEW LONDON - An area swimming pool was part of a Guinness World Record attempt Friday.

The New London Aquatic and Fitness Center was trying to help break the record for the world's largest simultaneous swimming lesson.

Similar gatherings were held around the world.

The record currently stands at more than 32,000 participants.

This is the first time New London took part.

Officials say it's not just about breaking a record; it's also about teaching children about safety.

"This is a great movement to recognize the safety that needs to be recognized around water, so swimming lessons saves lives and bringing everyone together today is just one example of the small part we play to hopefully save lives and prevent drowning incidents in our communities,” said Julia Martinson, assistant director at New London Aquatic Center.

We won't find out if the record was broken until next month.