New apartment options for downtown Green Bay

Platten Place in downtown Green Bay, Aug. 26, 2014. (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

GREEN BAY -  A new housing option is open for business in Downtown Green Bay.

23 refurbished apartments make up Platten Place in the Broadway District on the city's west side.

Developers and city leaders celebrated with a ribbon cutting Tuesday evening, but earlier in the day, we got a sneek peek of the project.

Workers put the finishing touches on the new aluminum awning frames at one of Green Bay's newest options for urban living.

"This is Platten Place. It's a historic rehab. We have seven commercial spaces, downstairs, and 23 apartments on the second and third floor," said Jason Tschantz, Advisor Management, LLC.

Tschantz developed the two-year, $2 million project.

"This isn't a typical subdivision, way out in the suburbs full of the exact same unit. No units are priced the same, no units are the same. Some have more amenities than others. Some have more space," said Tschantz.

Tschantz says apartment rent ranges from about $600-$900 a month.

On Broadway Inc., helped with the project. Executive Director Christopher Naumann says more than 200 people have expressed interest in Platten Place.

"These 23 units coming on line will essentially double the available housing that's available in the district right now. You got access to basic grocery, you got access to the markets and the festivals, to the bars, to entertainment," said Christopher Naumann, On Broadway, Inc., Executive Director.

And other businesses, like A Bag Lady boutique, just across the street.

"Having people actually living down here, and right down on this corner, specifically across from us, kind of pulls us into that Broadway group of businesses," said Karen Wirch, A Bag Lady Manager.

"We'll be taking applications and sharing floor plans, and pricing for the first time. We've kept tight-lipped until today," said Tschantz.

So is urban living for you? The developer says the leasing process begins immediately.

People can sign up for the apartments starting Tuesday night.