Naked man taken into custody on I-43

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GREEN BAY - A Menasha man is receiving mental health treatment after walking naked on a busy Green Bay highway.

It happened at about 5:40 Wednesday night on I-43 near the Humboldt road overpass, on the city's far east side.

“The individual was darting in and out of traffic,” said Lt. Chad Ramos of the Green Bay Police Department.

Police say that isn't the only reason the situation was extremely dangerous.

[caption id="attachment_51703" align="alignright" width="300"] This photo of Interstate 43 in Green Bay taken July 24, 2014, shows the area where a naked man was found running along the highway the previous day. (WLUK/Bill Miston)[/caption]

“It was concerning to the officers because he had signs of medically significant behavior where his body is in crisis to the officers,” said Ramos.

Police say they used a Taser to take the 22-year-old Menasha man into custody. He told officers he had taken the drug LSD.

“That's concerning to police because we are often trained to detect and understand that people when they ingest drugs may enter a state of elevated body core temperature,” said Ramos. “They might exhibit bizarre behaviors. They may have an attraction to glass or shiny objects.”

Cars were basically at a standstill. There weren't any crashes, but police say the man ran into at least one vehicle.

“This individual is acting bizarre, crazy, unpredictable, impulsive, and ran into the vehicle. The vehicle didn't run into him,” said Ramos.

Police say the important thing is no one was seriously hurt and the man is receiving medical help.

No charges have been filed. However, police say the investigation is still open.