More heroin suspects appear in Brown County court

GREEN BAY - More suspects appeared in Brown County court Thursday in cases which appear to be connected to a widespread drug ring.

Prosecutors have called it a large heroin distribution conspiracy.

Three more people who prosecutors say are connected to the heroin ring appeared in court by video conference.

Few details are being released because the court documents have been sealed.

To be clear, prosecutors did not file formal charges, however, they briefly laid out their case.

Prosecutors say the drug operation has been going on for about a year, and there were multiple levels of involvement.

Wednesday, nine other suspects appeared in Brown County court accused of being part of the ring.

In those cases, prosecutors also did not file formal charges, however, they laid out their case asking the judge to find probable cause a crime had been committed.

FOX 11 spoke with a former district attorney about the reasons behind sealing documents, for example, in a large drug case.

Vince Biskupic says the judge has to balance the public's right to know versus any safety issues and the integrity of the investigation going forward.

"In the general sense of drug investigations, usually there's a progression of where people are arrested, sometimes first at a lower level and then worked up a ladder to a higher level, so it wouldn't be unusual to see something sealed for a period of weeks or months until an investigation reaches its conclusion," Biskupic said.

Officials involved with the busts say they will not talk about them, because those cases are sealed.

They say the documents have been sealed because of the serious nature of the investigation, and the fact it is ongoing.