Menasha kids celebrate Wellness Day

One thousand Menasha elementary school students are taking part in a Wellness Day, Monday, May 19, 2014. (WLUK)

MENASHA - Monday was a day of fun and games for some Menasha elementary school students, but it was fun with a purpose.

The students' exercise was part of an annual Wellness Day.

The track and field events encourage students to have an active, healthy lifestyle. And the chance to learn life lessons along the way.

You could tell by the effort on their faces, the third through fifth grade students took the events seriously.

"There is a lot of athletic stuff going on, I mean, tournaments and it's really fun," said Nicolet Elementary fifth grader Anthony Helse.

The 40th annual Track and Field Wellness Day brought together 1,000 students from five different elementary schools in Menasha.

"The friendly competition is great, they go away with a positive experience that somebody cheered for them," said John Breaker, track meet coordinator.

With it a positive lesson on sportsmanship that is sinking in with the students.

"Seeing everybody have good sports and seeing everybody have good sportsmanship and how everybody sticks up for each other and is being a good sport," said Gegan Elementary fifth grader Daniel Reeves.

From relay races to golf, football, jumping rope and more, the students are learning important lessons on and off the track.

"Sitting in the bleachers is really fun because you get to sit by your friends, but you also get to cheer on your team," said Clovis Grove Elementary fifth grader Nikki Frank.

Monday also meant a chance for students to get some outside exercise they have been missing for much of this spring.

"This is a good opportunity for them to get the exercise they haven't been able to get, especially in the running events and the condition of the field and the track is just great and everything is falling into place," said Breaker.

While not every student won an event, they all earned a ribbon for participating and say they had fun spending the day learning outside the classroom.