Manitowoc police: There haven't been any murders

File photo (WLUK/Gabrielle Mays)

MANITOWOC - The Manitowoc Police Department says rumors of multiple murders in the city are spreading on Facebook.

But the officers said the word was spreading so much, they felt they needed to go public and say the information is not true.

"Good morning Terra. No murders at Linebacker last night...just wanted to confirm that," said Terra Nate as she reads a recent text message out loud.

Nate owns The Linebacker Sports Bar in Manitowoc.

When she read her texts Friday morning, she knew the rumors weren't true.

The rumors say three to seven bodies had been found in Manitowoc.

"If anything would have happened, we would've gotten a phone call on our landline. Somebody would've reached us," Nate said.

The false information caused the Manitowoc Police Department to post on its Facebook page.

"The rumors claim these have happened anywhere from Copps to the Linebacker. This is not true," said Captain Scott Luchterhand with the Manitowoc Police Department.

Captain Scott Luchterhand says the rumor even had the mayor wondering what was going on.

"Our mayor had been notified through Facebook that there were rumors of possibly two deaths that had occurred here in the city in Manitowoc. We're thankful that they didn't end up being deaths," Luchterhand said.

Luchterhand says there have been two heroin overdoses in the city within last two days.

"They certainly could have easily been deaths," he said.

Even after police posted the rumors were not true, people like Jon Muench commented on the police department's post.

"It doesn't seem like it is a rumor to me. It could be but, in my honest opinion, I feel like there's something more to it," said Muench.

On Friday afternoon the department added another post saying there was a drug bust and a car chase possibly involving a gun Thursday night.

Muench says he saw numerous police cars that night and he talked to an officer.

"I just asked him what was going on and he just told me to go home and lock my door," Muench said.

"There were no deaths that occurred," Luchterhand said.

The department says it will continue to use its Facebook page as a way to update the public.

Manitowoc police say its Facebook page has been around for about two and a half years and helps them solve crimes.