Lawmakers react to Gov. Walker's budget proposal

MADISON (WLUK) --- Governor Scott Walker spoke for about 30 minutes Wednesday afternoon laying out his budget for the next two years.

  • Watch Gov. Walker's full proposal here

"I don't think the pictures is as rosy as-is, I think it was a very good political speech for someone running for re-election in 2018,” said Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen.

"He is funding a lot of things we agree with, a lot of things that are priority for us, it’s whether or not if we’re at the same level of spending that he is laying out," said Republican State Representative John Nygren.

Republicans and Democrats told FOX 11 News, investing in K-12 education and higher education is a positive step.

"I'm excited to invest more money into public education which I have been a proponent of since I got elected in 2012,” said State Representative Paul Tittl, R-Manitowoc.

"We've been talking for quite some time for the need to invest in education, invest in the UW-system, so we welcome some of those steps,” said State Representative Eric Gengrich, D-Green Bay.

A top concern for both parties is the transportation budget, which is facing nearly a billion-dollar shortfall.

"I was a little disapointed that there wasn't more information on transportation, looking for a long-term solution on transportation, but overall I thought the priorities he laid out were good,” said Assembly Majority Speaker Jim Steineke R-Kaukauna.

"Things like transportation, where we are borrowing more money, I think that is a non-starter for a lot of us,” added State Representative Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh.

Gov. Scott Walker's budget would cut taxes and fees by $592 million, including $200 million in income tax cuts.

Now that the governor has put forward his budget, the legislature has six months to make changes before sending it back to the Governor for approval.

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