Significant alfalfa losses experienced in eastern Wisconsin

File photo. (MGN Online/USDA)

MANITOWOC (AP) -- Unusual seasonal weather variations have made it tough on alfalfa crops in some parts of Wisconsin.

A warmer-than-usual winter and a cold wet spring have caused a significant portion of the alfalfa crop to fail in Manitowoc County. University of Wisconsin Extension agriculture specialist Scott Gunderson says at least 10,000 of the 18,000 acres of alfalfa have failed in the county.

USA Today Network-Wisconsin says February temperatures climbed into the 60s, encouraging the alfalfa to grow, then dropped down to the 20s causing harmful sheets of ice to form on the plantings.

Dairy farmers may struggle to find feed for their cows in the months ahead and will likely spend more to buy forage for their herds.

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