Snow piles up along the lakeshore

A person shovels snow in Manitowoc March 13, 2017. (WLUK/Brittany Ford)

MANITOWOC (WLUK) -- Northeast Wisconsin thought it was done with snow.

Residents along the lakeshore cleared away the snow Monday.

Gerald Krejcarek of Two Rivers says much of the snow fell overnight.

"I looked last night couple times, didn't seem like a lot this morning when I went out to the garage, it was like this," he said.

In Manitowoc, the mayor declared a snow emergency.

"No cars allowed to park on any of the city streets, so crews can get out, and get the snow cleared," explained Manitowoc Police Captain, Larry Zimney.

As she worked to clear her driveway, Lynn Meidel of Manitowoc said she's looking forward to spring.

"One more time hopefully this is the last time, because I've had enough of winter for this year," she said.

She said the snow made travel tough overnight.

"I was driving home from work at 11 got to Cleveland, you couldn't see where you were driving," Meidel said.

Driving from Ashwaubenon to Manitowoc, there was a change in the amount of snow.

It's clear to see the lakeshore received the brunt of this storm.

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