Kewaunee Sheriff's Office working to keep deputies physically fit

The Kewaunee County Sheriff's Office is encouraging its deputies to stay fit as part of a new program they are using Fitbits, March 20, 2017. (WLUK)

(KEWAUNEE) -- The Kewaunee County Sheriff's Office is encouraging its deputies to stay fit, through the "Fit for Duty" program.

"Typically what we are doing, running radar, doing reports, responding to calls," said Kewaunee County Sheriff, Matthew Joski.

Joski says the department also wants to ensure deputies can keep up with physical demands on the job, as well.

"So if and when they're called to serve their community in that kind of situation, they're mentally, and in this case physically prepared to so," he explained.

One part of the program is an ongoing competition, to see who can get in the most steps.

"The primary focus was the Fitbits, we wanted to start small, get people off the couch," said Sheriff's Assistant, Angie Mueller.

She is a part of the department's "core team', which discusses department improvements, and helped organize the program.

Mueller says majority of the department is participating, "One of our deputies has lost 25 pounds already, so we're really seeing positive results."

The department also turned unused space in its evidence building, into a 24-hour training facility.

"It isn't just about working out or training, but really about networking, and the debriefing, being able to discuss the calls, the situations," said Joski.

The Kewaunee County Sheriff's Office says its training facility is open to other area law enforcement agencies, as well.

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