Egg Harbor sculptures on display

Sculpture in Egg Harbor called Natural Wonders, by Michele Moushey Dale, July 12, 2017 (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

EGG HARBOR (WLUK) -- An effort to bring more art projects to one Door County community is growing.

Just off the nature trial on Egg Harbor's south side, a five-foot-tall bronze sculpture called "Universal Mother" appears to watch over Beach View Park Wednesday afternoon.

"We have a variety of different art styles. From something that's very abstracted, to very non-objective," said Rebecca Carlton, Public Arts Initiative of Egg Harbor Board Member.

Just up the road, at Village View Park, "Colored Mast" towers over the parking lot to the dog park. And a little farther north, at the Perforning Arts Center, "The Weaver," is a combination of aluminum, and galvanized steel.

"Her skirt, which is flowing, is woven out of steel wire, and so she's weaving her own story through power and strength, using metals," said Carlton.

A fourth sculpture at Harbor View Park, is called "Natural Wonders."

"With the little boy on the turtle, with a periscope, and he's looking out into Egg Harbor," said Carlton.

The not-for-profit group called The Public Arts Initiative of Egg Harbor organized the effort.

The sculpting initiative got going about a year ago. Egg Harbor officials quickly got on board. Village leaders even kicked in $20,000 for the project. The administrator say the investment is much more than art.

"With four million visitors coming to Door County, and the existing art scene, in all the county, Egg Harbor wanted to put its place on the map, as being the arts destination in Door County," said Ryan Heise, Egg Harbor Village Administrator.

The sculptures have been in place for a couple weeks. Do art work and nature go hand-in-hand?

"I think they do. Because they're both beautiful," said Angie Schmuecker, Maquoketa, Iowa.

"There's people who are just very excited. And they're excited to see new work in the community," said Carlton.

The four sculptures will be on display through October.

You can buy the art work too.

Proceeds from the sales will be used to buy more art to be placed permanently throughout the Village.

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