Residents attend Kewaunee Nuclear Power Station meeting

The shuttered Kewaunee Power Station nuclear plant is seen, May 9, 2014. (WLUK/Laura Smith)

TOWN OF CARLTON - Kewaunee residents say they aren't sure what to think hearing someone is interested in reopening the area’s nuclear plant.

“I'd like to believe that it will happen, but I don't think so,” said Douglas Swanson, a contractor for the plant.

Bob Abboud, the President of RGA Labs, Inc. tried to do a little convincing Thursday evening. He showed his company's plans to buy the plant to more than one hundred residents at the Town of Carlton Town Hall. RGA Labs is an engineering company out of Northern Illinois.

“We think it has an excellent business opportunity for 20 plus years into the future,” said Abboud.

U.S. nuclear officials say a lot needs to happen before business can take place. First, RGA Labs would need to meet guidelines to purchase a nuclear plant. Then, the company would need to go through a several year application process for an operator's license.

Before any of that can be considered, the current plant owner, Dominion, must be willing to sell.

“Since Kewaunee is shut down, it's not like your just transferring a plant that's operating over to another company,” said Prema Chandrathil, a spokesperson for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. “They would need to go through the licensing process as if it were a whole new reactor all over again.”

A Dominion spokesperson declined FOX 11’s request for an interview, but he did say nothing has changed for the company. The spokesperson says Dominion is continuing with the plant's decommissioning process and it is not currently for sale.

“I think Dominion owes it to their stockholders to come to the table and have this discussion with us,” said Abboud.

RGA Labs says it would purchase the plant for tens of millions of dollars. The company projects it could make a profit of one hundred million dollars per year.

For residents, it means the return of important jobs to the area.

“I don't know if it's going to happen, but just the hope is nice,” said Swanson.

The U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission says no one from RGA Labs has contacted them yet about obtaining a license.