Suspects sought in Algoma home break-in

A family's pet may have stopped two men from breaking into their house. (WLUK)

ALGOMA - A Kewaunee County home break-in could have been worse, if it had not been for a family pet.

Police were called to the 1200 block of Jefferson St. at 3:45 Thursday morning. Two suspects are still on the loose.

An homeowner says his dog, named Scout, scared off the men who were trying to get inside his house.

FOX 11 talked to a man who says he lives in the house with his wife and six kids. He says his German shepherd woke him up and he found two people at his back door.

The victim says one man entered his house, but with the help of his dog, he pushed him out the door, breaking his railing.

The man says he was stabbed with a knife. On Thursday morning, he had bandages wrapped around his forearm. He also had scratches on his forehead and a black eye.

The victim doesn't think his door was locked.

"It's news," said neighbor Frank Mowery. "It's a shock because nothing ever happens here."

Mowery lives around the block.

"Nobody closes their drapes or anything because it's just a very easygoing community," he said. "And then something like this happens."

Police say the two suspects ran away from the house.

The victim and investigators don't know why they broke in.

"We're not really sure," said David Cornelius, a Chief Deputy with the Kewaunee County Sheriff's Department. "We're trying to follow up on everything we can. It's very suspicious activity."

It's also a situation that may have been worse if a large dog wasn't on alert.

Police say both suspects are white males and between the ages of 16 and 23.

One suspect may have facial injuries from the break-in. He's described as 5'10"-6'0" tall and 180-200 lbs. He was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and blue cargo pants.

The other suspect may have a dog bite on his left arm. He's described as 5'6"-5'10" tall and 160-175 lbs. He was wearing dark clothing.

Police do not believe that the community is at risk even though the suspects are on the loose. Residents are reminded to always lock their homes and cars every night.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Algoma Police Department at (920) 487-3311 or the Kewaunee County Sheriff's Department at (920) 388-7108.

Crimestoppers is offering a $250 reward for more information leading to an arrest and conviction.